Video streaming doesn't come up

Yeah yeah, everyone says that - let's move on with the possible fix.

1: If you're using iOS based device - don't.

TurtleOS doesn't support iOS streaming for some unknown reasons. And we're fighting with that for months already - if you find out, please tell us!

2: Make sure you use the proper browser.




Chrome 70.0.x / Firefox 63.0.x


Chrome 70.0.x / Firefox 63.0.x


depends on your device, check:

Chrome, (if stream doesn't work - check Firefox)


Chrome 70.0.x

3: Don't switch browsers / devices too much.

Make sure you restart Turtle every time you switch browser or device you want to control with. The devices tend to book the streaming and don't allow hot swapping.

To check it that's the issue use F12 key on Chrome or Firefox (console tab) to open a log console and look for red-colored logs.

If it says 'Sorry, the device is either busy streaming to another peer or previous shutdown has not been completed yet' - it's a sign you're switching the devices too much. Wait ca. 20s and refresh the browser, if the error still comes up, restart Turtle.

4: Check if the camera is working

This can be helpful especially in Maker Kits to check if the assembly process was done properly.

Via server

Go to - the video should appear in the preview.

Older software versions: the address will be or


Open the Rover electronics box and disconnect camera USB cable (the one routed through box front opening to the camera casing).

Connect the cable to your computer and try to access the camera through computer software,

We use YawCam to do that.

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