1. 3D printing guide
Please refer to our Thingiverse channel to find the newest printable 3D-models. Internally we use Prusa MK3 printer, but you can use whatever fits the dimensions.
You need to 3D-print:
    1x Front Case - 00098
    1x Battery Quarter - 00099
    1x WiFi Quarter - 00130
    4x Wheel Rim - 00129
    4x Wheel Cap (rev. B) - 04003
    1x Camera Case A - 00144
    1x Camera Case B - 00127
    1x Electronics mount A - 03007
    1x Electronics mount B - 03008
From here:
Turtle Rover Case Parts by LeoRover
And here:
Turtle Rover 3D Printed Parts by LeoRover
Last modified 2yr ago
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