Upgrade Turtle Rover to Leo Rover software

1. Download the new software image

Download the latest release from here:

Fictionlab is a mother brand of Turtle Rover and Leo Rover.

2. Update the software

Do all the steps from the manual, except 2nd (you already did it in step 1 here).

pageSoftware update / flashing

3. Update the firmware

Make sure you do this step! If not done properly, the Rover may act unstable (for ex. start driving full speed forward only after 30 minutes).

The new firmware file is already uploaded to the new image you just burned.

Connect to the Rover via ssh (IP: | login: husarion password: husarion).

pageConnect to the console (SSH)

Check if the file is available via console:


The file should be named turtle.elf and be placed in home/pi directory. If the filename is different (e.g. firmware-shield.elf), you can rename it by typing:

mv firmware-shield.elf ~/turtle.elf

To flash it simply enter


And wait until it ends.

Simple as that. Done!

4. What's new?

Now you can see the Rover UI is slightly different. The software is now based on Ubuntu with Robot Operating System (ROS).

From now on your Rover WiFi network will be named 'LeoRover-XXYYY' as you just jumped up to the new version. Default password is 'password'.

To login to the Rover via SSH now you'll use

login: husarion password: husarion

The best way from now on is to check Leo Rover documentation and tutorials. Just mind your hardware hasn't changed, so the interfaces may be different. To upgrade the hardware, please sign in to the Leo Rover newsletter and wait until we launch the upgrade kit.

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