Software update / flashing

Before you update the Rover software, remember to write down your Rover serial number (in case of Turtle Rovers assembled by our team). To get the number, simply turn on the Rover and check its Wifi network name - should be 'TurtleTover-[your serial number]'.

1. Access microSD card

To access microSD card from your Rover, open the main electronics box (4x cross-headed screws) and extract the card from white-tape SD-slot extension slot located on top of the electronics.

Looking at the inside of the electronics box cover, you'll see a microSD-to-SD card adapter secured in a slot. Take it.

In older Rovers and most of the Maker Kits you won't see any microSD-slot extender and the adapter. The microSD card is then located directly in your Raspberry Pi.

Put the microSD card in the adapter and then connect it to your computer.

2. Download TurtleOS image

You can download our stable production image from here

Alternatively, you can check GitHub releases for newest development images.

3. Flash image to microSD card

On Windows

Open Etcher and point it to your new SD card image location via 'select image' (.img or .zip file). Then your card should be pre-selected in 'select drive' option. And 'Flash!'.

After the flashing completes, disconnect the card and put it back into the Rover.

On Linux

You can use unzip and dd tools to copy image from .zip file into microSD card like this:

unzip -p [ZIP_FILE] | sudo dd of=[SD_CARD_DEVICE] bs=4M status=progress

example usage:

unzip -p | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M status=progress

dd can be dangerous to your system as it can wipe your data if used incorrectly. If you are not sure your [SD_CARD_DEVICE] is correct, we recommend using Etcher


Mind: this update will re-write all the files you've modified on the card. It means, after the update you'll need to set your Wifi network name. Otherwise it will remain stock 'TurtleRover-XXYYY' with password: 'password'

You can fix this:

pageChange WiFi name & password

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