[FAQ] Software 101

Here you can find all the basic issues you may encounter when digging into TR software. Hopefully, with the knowledge base, you'll be able to implement most of RospberryPi tutorials to the Rover.

Magic shortcut: ctrl + C

Remember! If something jams in the console, press ctrl + C to cancel the operation.

What is 'sudo' and 'sudo nano' in the commands?


'sudo' at the beginning of every command allows you to access the command with administrator permission. Every time you see a return: 'access denied', just get back to the command and type 'sudo' in front.


'nano' is used to access the file you point. It's a file manager that allows you to edit and overwrite files.

Why commands like apt-get and apt-get install install don't work?

The commands are used to download and install new software and libraries to the current TurtleOS. But in order to download, the Rover needs to be connected to the Internet. See manual:

Connect to the Internet

Why commands like 'git' don't work?

By default, the Rover doesn't come with pre-installed 'git' packages. To install them:

Connect to the Internet

and after that - run:

sudo apt-get install git

[Based on: https://gist.github.com/derhuerst/1b15ff4652a867391f03]

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